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Greenfield Presbyterian Church, Waterford, MS

Est. 1898



Remembering our Past, Focusing on our Future

The Greenfield Presbyterian Church was organized in 1898 and held its original service under a bush arbor on the Old Oxford Road four miles southwest of Waterford. The founders wanted a church that had a vision of religion based on the Holy Bible and would embrace full participation in the life of its members. The Presbyterian Church, with its democratic form of government, emphasis on education and the teaching of God’s Word, promised to be that kind of church. The original church was built on land donated by the late Mr. Green Jones. Listed below are some of the former pastors, elders and deacons who served in the original church.




Rev. R. L. Goboth

Jacob Curry, Sr.

John Adams

Rev. C. B. Scott

Douglas Jones, Sr.

Jacob ‘‘Dock” Curry

Rev. H. L. Gladney

B. E. Littlejohn

Robert “Rob” Curry

Rev. Rodgers

Willis. T. Littlejohn

Abe Dukes

Rev. L. A. Bagne

I. H. Peeler

Melvin Ford

Rev. J. A. Carr

E. V. Thompson.

Dan Jones

In 1960, the church sold the land donated by Green Jones and purchased the present property located on Old Hwy. 7, three miles south of Waterford and built our second church. The construction of this church was due mainly to the hardworking efforts of Elcue Curry, Fulton Curry, Melvin Ford and Aldridge Peeler.  These men worked late into the night, using lumber from the old church, from Springhill Presbyterian Church and from S.O.S. Lumber Company to complete this building.  Years later the session purchased additional acreages from Jim Brooks for burial plots.

Some Ministers, Elders and Deacons who served at the present church were:




Rev. Anthony S. Armstrong

Melvin Ford,

Douglas Jones, Jr.

Rev. Robert Jones

John Curry, Sr.

Moses Jones

Rev. Don L. Wilson

Creed Walker, Sr.

Jerry Ingram

Rev. Thomas Fantroy

Elcue N. Curry

Elcue N. Curry

Rev. Darrell VanPelt

Helen Scruggs

James E. Curry

Rev. Robert Thompson

Douglas Jones, Jr.

Ezekiel Miller, Sr.

Rev. J. D. Intsiful, Jr.

Fulton Curry, Sr.

Ezekiel Miller, Jr.

Rev. Hezekiah Corppetts

Larry Peeler

Fulton Curry, Sr.


Harvey C. Miller

Lavora C. Blake

Some former Superintendents and Teachers were:



Ike Peeler

Magnolia Curry

Robert Fulton Curry

Mary R. Miller

Melvin Ford

Alma Littlejohn

John Curry, Sr.

Douglas Jones, Sr.

James E. Curry

Willie H. Walton

Creed J. Walker, Sr.

Mary E. Miller

Leslie Curry

Dorothy Adams Walker

Fulton Curry, Sr.

Ezekiel Miller, Sr.

Elcue N. Curry

Mae F. Curry

Cora L. Barnes

Melvin Ford

Regina Walker

Katherine Curry

Pastors and Officers of the Church under Rev. Dr. Coker A.J. George Jr. : Rev. Dr. Coker A. J. George, Jr, Pastor.  Elders are: Lavora C. Blake, Evelyn C. Elliott, Mary Mull, and Patience M. George.  Deacons are: Robert Clinton Curry, Nathan Hughes, Jasper Mull and Catina Johnson-Newsom.  Mary Mull, Superintendent; Teachers are: Elmira Curry; Evelyn C. Elliot, Rosette George and Pastor George.  Mardea George, Sunday School Secretary and Lakeshia Siggers, Assistant.      

Today, the church is pastored by Rev. W. James Lyons and still embraces the principles and vision of its founders through the teaching and preaching of God’s word. Lady Elect Gail B. Lyons has taken over as the Sunday School Secretary. Under the new leadership of Rev. Lyons, Greenfield has been able to pay off the church mortgage of the property, pay Rev. Dr. George's retirement and start parking lot and steeple funds for the future betterment of Greenfield Presbyterian Church. 

Although its membership is small the church continues to minister God’s Word with Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., Worship Service at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday and Bible Study on every Wednesday.  We have teamed with two local ministries, Baptist Hill Baptist Church and Mt. Olive Baptist Church, with whom we alternate 5th Sunday Worship Services Our church sponsors a number of annual programs throughout the year. Our Black History Program all throughout February; Men and Women Day Program the second Sunday of March; Calendar Drive the fourth Sunday of May; Family and Friends Day the fourth Sunday in September; Pastor & Wife Anniversary in October; Harvest Day the third Sunday of November; and Christmas Service with Mt. Olive and Baptist-Hill in December.

Pastor Lyons and the members of Greenfield Presbyterian Church are always here to support fellow churches and aid this community in times of need.  The church welcomes anyone in the community to worship with us in any of our services. Greenfield Presbyterian church extends a special invitation to any former members, who are visiting the area, to worship with us at any of our services.