Greenfield Presbyterian Church Logo

Greenfield Presbyterian Church, Waterford, MS

Est. 1898

Message From the Clerk of Session


Greenfield Presbyterian Church is a member of St. Andrew Presbytery.  All churches are governed by the local church session.  Our session consist of the Pastor and the Elders, Moderator, Elder Evelyn Elliott, Clerk of Session, Lavora C. Blake, Patience M. George, and Mary Mull.  The session is responsible for the mission and government of our church such as:

  • Providing opportunities for evangelism
  • Witnessing in Word and deed to the saving  grace of Jesus Christ
  •  Develop and supervise the church school
  •  Educational program of the church
  •  Management of the church property
  • Determination of the appropriate use of the church buildings and facilities
  • Obtain property and Liability Insurance coverage to protect the facilities, programs, staff, pastors, elders, deacons and members of the session.
  • Instruct, examine, ordain, install and welcome into common ministry Elders and Deacons.

As Clerk of the Session, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Grace and peace to all of you who recognize Waterford as your place of history and Greenfield Presbyterian Church as your historical church home.  In my prayers daily, I give thanks to God always for you and the faith journey you have obtained.  Because of your hope in Christ and the start you received at Greenfield, I pray that you continue to walk in love and discernment enabling you to sense what is vital in this life.  Sir Francis Drake said this in one of his prayers O, Lord God, Thou givest to Thy servant to endeavor any great matter, grant us to know that it is not the beginning but the continuing of the same until it is thoroughly finished which yieldeth the true glory.  Faithful saint let us continue the support and love of our dear legacy, Greenfield Presbyterian Church.

Evelyn C. Elliott, A Servant of Christ