Greenfield Presbyterian Church Logo

Greenfield Presbyterian Church, Waterford, MS

Est. 1898


 Passing the Blessing to the Next Generation


A church is a representative of the community it serves.  Greenfield church community expands across the United States through the seeds sown in your life as a child. Today, Greenfield needs your help to continue passing the blessing to the next generation.   As many of you already know the church building was destroyed by fire approximately 13 years ago. 

The church did not receive any help from the Presbytery to rebuild.  Because the church had a small membership and most of the members are considered low income, it was forced to take out a loan to rebuild.  This has placed a hardship on its current membership.  Without your financial help the church may be forced to close its doors before the end of 2007. 

Greenfield needs your immediate and continual financial support if the church is to continue to serve the community.  Should the church close its doors this will be a major loss not only to the Waterford community but to all former members who call this their church home and families who have loved ones buried on the church property.  Therefore, we remind you to whom much is given, much is required and you are blessed because of the rich legacy of your ancestors.